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Customer Relationships Manager - Police

Service Care Solutions are currently recruiting for an experienced Customer Relationships Manager to work on a full-time contract in Sidcup, Kent.

Please note, this role involves working in a high-security setting, and will require applicants to obtain security clearance.
This is not a customer service role, and customer service experience will not be considered.

Key responsibilities:

  • Is the point of contact for senior OCU officers and is ultimately accountable for the customer experience of fleet services as the Fleet Services Business Partner for multiple OCUs

  • Plans, organises and controls the work of Fleet Controllers who are each responsible for managing and forecasting the needs of operational police customers for the usage and replacement of 5,000 police vehicles with £100m Capital

  • Ensures customer needs are captured and planned through Fleet Controllers so that new vehicle designs can be produced with the technical teams within the Engineering Function, and deliveries forecasted with senior police officers

  • Responsible for ensuring new vehicle handover quality checks are completed adequately and that any issues are dealt with promptly

  • Ensuring that MO6 and other partners such as Counter Terrorism Command are consulted for their vehicle needs for sensitive events and operations, rotating the fleet to ensure these operations are successful and that customers have the assets they need

  • Managing unplanned events alongside MO6 and other OCUs to ensure that the Fleet aspect is coordinated, acting as Bronze command for fleet needs

  • Continual customer experience improvement opportunity gathering, working with customers to drive better experiences through improvement of processes for all of Fleet Services - they are the business partner and are expected to resolve any Fleet Services quality issue through process improvement as guardians of the customer experience

  • Strategically identifying means to reduce capital expenditure through standardisation and better matching of customer needs to specific assets

  • Prolong the life of vehicle assets through optimal rotation, reducing the Capital bill by multi-millions

  • Work with senior officers to drive down emissions to achieve the Mayor's Clean Air Strategy through promotion of Electric Vehicles, educating users in their benefits, conducting trials on a like for like basis with users of fossil fuel vehicles

  • Reports on KPIs for assigned OCU customers, driving up availability, driving down unplanned costs such as collisions, and pro-actively influencing behavioural change of drivers through their senior commanding officers, using data to evidence poor driver habits and unnecessary damage


  • Knows how functional activities and priorities within a complex organisation operate

  • Understands the planning and forecasting required to manage the demands of senior officers to ensure strategic operational needs are balanced with the management of extensive capital expenditure


  • Demonstrable experience of senior strategic stakeholder management

  • Demonstrable experience of planning and forecasting operational needs and the associated sensitivities

  • Demonstrable experience of controlling the use of capital budget

  • Has proven experience of collaborative working across organisational hierarchy boundaries

  • Experience in managing the performance of other managers, developing talent, and raising team skill levels

  • Proven experience in analysing customer journeys and making improvements

  • Proven experience in leading fleet management teams

If you want to apply, please call Martin Cookson on 01772 208962

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