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Neighbourhood Coach

Neighbourhood Coach - Housing Association.

3 Month Tempoaray Contract

34.5 Hours per week

Based in Carmatrhen

Objectives of post:

To build strong and productive relationships with all residents on your patch.

To coach residents to be able to have a successful tenancy with us, to use their skills to contribute to their local community and to achieve their personal goals.

To provide all aspects of our neighbourhood coaching service including allocations, lettings, tenan- cy enforcement, rent arrears recovery, anti- social behaviour, tenancy and estate management and resident involvement.

To identify the skills and abilities that each resident has to offer and make connections between residents so that they are able to help each other out.

To provide a flexible and agile service that is tailored to the needs and aspirations of each of the residents on your patch.

You will be part of our neighbourhood coaching team - providing mutual support, assistance and cover to other members of the team and sharing your skills and experience with the team.

To deliver your service in line with Bro Myrddin's values: being proactive, being motivated, being accountable, being efficient and working together.

Main duties and responsibilities:

To provide a responsive, efficient and effective generic neighbourhood coaching service tailored to the needs of individual residents.

To ensure the service is provided in line with the Association's policies and procedures, to achieve performance targets and keep to our service standards.

Improve Bro Myrddin's local knowledge and influence through developing new and maintaining ex- isting networks and links with other agencies.

To offer advice and support to residents, to assist them to access all Bro Myrddin services, sign- post to community services and ensure tenancy conditions are upheld.

If you are intereted in the post then please forward your CV to or Call adam on 011772 207966.

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