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Cell Debrief Officer- Police

Service Care Solutions are looking for a Cell Debrief Officer to work with a local police force on a full-time, long-term contract in Wakefield.


To provide proactive and efficient debriefing of persons detained in police or prison custody to gather intelligence, identifying and using knowledge of key priorities and known/emerging criminal networks and associations to maximise opportunities to gain credible intelligence to support management to make informed operational decisions to meet the needs of the District/Department/Force.


  • 1.

    Proactively conduct and capture intelligence debriefs within police stations and HMP establishments to identify and maximise live time intelligence opportunities and assist in proactive investigations.


    Identify appropriate persons who provide reliable intelligence and who show potential/willingness to be a CHIS and refer to the Source Unit in order that follow up assessments can be made regarding their management to provide intelligence.


    Maintain effective working relationships with prevention, enforcement and other intelligence specialists, partner and external agencies to identify Intergrated Offender Management offenders / Organised Crime Groups and pursue the most appropriate intelligence sources.


    Monitor the flow of offenders detained in custody, reviewing the reasons for their detention in order to highlight opportunities for intelligence gathering, potential informants and promote West Yorkshire Police Clean Slate Policy.

    Also arrange and visit persons remanded in prison custody for intelligence purposes.


    Produce and present effective intelligence submissions for police and/or partner agencies, ensuring that this is at a level for the development of operational responses.


    Where required provide information, advice and guidance on intelligence debriefing techniques for student officers within the Division/Department in support of development needs


    Prepare and submit intelligence to conform with the current 3x5x2 system to current disclosure rules for court purposes.


    Research intelligence to identify crime patterns, underlying issues, trends, offences and criminal associations
    between nominals to support of investigating officers and ensure any intelligence gaps are met.


    Ensure the timely dissemination of intelligence in the most appropriate manner to relevant parties whilst maintaining the required, confidentiality, sensitivity and duty of care in accordance with legislation and Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Requirements:

    • · Proven previous experience within an intelligence or investigative environment.

      · Good working knowledge of and ability to operate computerised databases.

      Willingness and
      ability to use IT systems utilised for intelligence purposes

      · Ability to provide presentations to various forums confidently

      · Basic knowledge of PACE and the related Codes of Practice.

      · Previous experience in acquiring and analysing intelligence

      · Basic knowledge of RIPA, ECHR, Data Protection legislation and ACPO guidance
      regarding the recording and dissemination of intelligence material

      · Previous experience of criminal investigation work

      If this is something you could be interested in, please just call Martin Cookson on 01772 208962.

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