Service Care Solutions Ltd

Resource Worker

1. Provide a high quality of care and support, which meets the physical, emotional, intellectual, behavioural, health, social and cultural needs of the children and families for whom the Centre provides a service.

This will include working in the home, and also working to support children in the community, in other settings, and working in children's own homes.

2. Follow Care Plans and any other plans in place for the child, including safeguarding plans, health plans, and behavioural plans.

3. Support the child attending educational, religious, social and cultural activities.

4. Supervising contact between children, young people and members of their family or others as directed by the court, or in line with Care Planning.

5. Administer medication once training has been given, which may include emergency medication.

6. Attend relevant meetings related to the care of children including review, and planning meetings.

7. Complete appropriate recording and documentation related to the care of children including recording on the computer database.

Use other information technology and associated systems as needed.

8. Take part in training, supervision and appraisal, and attend team meetings and development days.

Work in other parts of the service for short periods either as part of training or development, or to meet the needs of service users.

9. Participate in the agreed working rota, which may include week-ends, bank holidays, evenings, early mornings, and sleeping or waking night shifts (the Home will be open 365 days per year.) Once appropriately experienced act as shift leader on some occasions.

If interested please contact EMILY on 01772 208964

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