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Children's Social Worker

7.1 Communicate clearly and sensitively, building effective relationships with children, young people and families and other professionals.

Listen to their views and enable their full participation in assessment, planning, and review.

7.2 Build and maintain high quality and appropriate professional relationships with children, young people and families to enable positive change to take place.

Support children, young people and families even they are angry, hostile and resistant to change.

Manage tensions between parents, carers and family members, in ways that show persistence, determination and professional confidence.

7.3 Promote optimal child development and be alert to signs that may indicate that the child is not meeting key developmental milestones, has been harmed or is at risk of harm.

7.4 Identify the impact of adult mental ill health, substance misuse, domestic abuse, physical ill health and disability on family functioning, social circumstances and child development.

7.5 Carry out in-depth and ongoing family assessment of social need and risk to children, with particular emphasis on parental capacity and capability to change.

Ensure that the voice of the child is heard, and that families and partner agencies contribute in a meaningful way to the assessment.
7.6 Make realistic, child centred, plans within a review timeline, which will manage and reduce identified risks and meet the needs of the child.

Ensure that children, young people and families, and partner agencies participate fully.

7.7 Produce well argued, focused, and jargon free case notes, plans and reports e.g.

single assessments and court reports.

Present a clear analysis and a sound rationale for actions and conclusions.

7.8 Evaluate and review the development and progress of children, young people and their families against the agreed plan, monitor their changing needs and evaluate impact.

Amend plans as and when necessary.

7.9 Social workers working in Child Protection and Disability services, Families First and Looked After Services will also lead the investigation of allegations of significant harm to children in consultation with other professionals and practice supervisors.

7.10 Use the law, regulatory and statutory guidance to inform practice decisions.

Make use of the best evidence from research to inform the complex judgements and decisions needed to support families and protect children.

7.11 Be accountable for, and review own practice using supervision and reflective practice.

Seek advice from a range of sources.

Discuss, debate, reflect upon and test hypotheses.

7.12 Maintain personal and professional credibility through effective working relationships with peers, managers and leaders both within the profession, throughout multi-agency partnerships and public bodies, including the family courts.

7.13 Participate in developments to improve the quality of the service and improve outcomes for children, young people and families.

7.14 Share learning with colleagues by mentoring, coaching, and reflective discussion.

7.15 Maintain registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and adhere to the HCPC standards of conduct, performance and ethics, and standards for continuing professional development.

Note: The postholder will be required to work flexibly to meet the needs of children, young people and their families which may include the need for some weekend working.

The above outlines the duties required at the time of writing but this is not comprehensive or exclusive list and duties may be varied from time to time.

This does not change the general character of the post or the level of responsibility entailed.

If you are interested please contact Dayna on 01772 208964.

Thank you