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Key Responsibilities

Provide guidance to Senior Responsible Officers and budget holders on the application and implementation of Financial Standing Orders, Financial Management arrangements, and effective financial controls.

2. The key generic financial tasks of the post are (dependant on the service unit/service area):

Contribute to the development of the Medium Term Financial Plan and the preparation of associated plans leading to improved forward planning

Budgeting (revenue and capital)

Management Accounting

Financial Accounting
e. Statutory Accounts preparation

Costing and financial appraisal for projects

Grant claims

CIPFA returns

Treasury management

The specific tasks will be dependent upon service needs and requirements.


Provide financial information and advice of the highest quality to relevant officers (including the appropriate Finance Manager or Management Accountant) to enable them to make the best value for money judgements on service provision.


Prepare in conjunction with Senior Responsible Officers and the Finance Manager/Management Accountant annual revenue and/or capital budgets in a form and timescale laid down by the client.


Prepare final accounts and elements of the overall statement of accounts to the agreed timescales and standards.


When required attend officer working groups to provide support on the financial aspects of the policy decision under consideration, enabling decisions to be made in the full understanding of the financial consequences or alternatives


Provide financial analysis and advice to project teams, including those involving outside organisations, so as to maximise the benefit arising from the new developments with which the Borough of Poole is associated.


Evaluate financial, time recording and other statistical information and calculate recharges of services in accordance with appropriate accounting principles.

In addition, advise on pricing/trading account issues.

9. Complete grant claims and other financial and statistical returns in accordance with required deadlines and maintain appropriate working papers/records to back up information provided.


Ensure integrity of financial systems, including the financial management system and other accounting software to ensure accuracy and timeliness.


Prepare financial reports for staff in service units, Members and the corporate centre.


Help to regularly review and co-ordinate procurement arrangements for supplies, services and works throughout.


Design, develop, implement and maintain information systems to monitor and report on the financial activities, for example, relating to specific projects.


Ensure compliance with Code of Practice and relevant statutes and to advise the clients Members, Senior Management Team, Senior Responsible Officers, and budget holders of any necessary requirements.


Contribute to the annual Business Plan of Financial Services.


To create and maintain an organisational culture within the section which empowers and involves.



Comply with all decisions, policies and standing orders of the client and any relevant statutory requirements, for example Health & Safety at Work Act and the Data Protection Act.


To undertake such other duties as may be required from time to time commensurate with the level of the post.


To support the Chief Finance Officer (CFO) discharge their responsibility for the proper administration of the financial affairs of the authority.

, Qualification form membership of the Association of Accounting Technicians level 2 or above.
Finance experience including:
, Provision of financial advice to managers of various levels
, Budget preparation
, Closure of accounts
, Monitoring statements, budgetary control and variance analysis
, Costing exercises
, Experience in the use of ICT systems relating to finance

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